Eriks from ViA is Zvers

This Saturday we with Andris Rengitis helped Latvian debaters with a Q&A session in LU. To cut long story short, I ended up with 3 people from ViA and 1 from LU consuming Finlandia, Merkurs and Bonaparte on Saturday night and at a basketball game between Riepnieks and a team whose name I don’t know on Sunday afternoon.

The main point is that Eriks Ajausks from ViA is playing for Riepnieks (local team from Cesis). They lost by few points; however, Eriks proved to be Zvers (Beast) for following reasons:

  • For few times Eriks was flying over the line to catch the ball and get it back into the game not careing about hitting a bench, a wall or three of his teammates sitting on a bench;
  • Eriks also showed that playing basketball means you have to drible all the time even if you trip, sit down on a floor and stand up again;
  • Eriks became Most Valuable Player of the game as he scored ~ half of the points for the team, stole several very nice balls, blocked few shots, collected rebounds at both ends.

All in all just wanted to let you know that rather quiet and calm Eriks actually is full with energy, enthusiasm and is not afraid of anything in his way.
So next time you meet him acknowledge that there is a Beast in front of you šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Eriks from ViA is Zvers

  1. Success won’t be possible without enthusiastic fans – Janis, Elina (from ViA) and Martins L. And I’m wondering why correlation between scored points and amount of consumed alcohol in previous night is so high.

  2. Hmm, then I think that the SSE Riga basketball team has been drinking too little lately..


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