Past Riga Pro-Ams

Riga Pro-Am (previously known as SSE Riga Practice Tournament) has been happening since 2009. Past winners and motions can all be found here.


Winners: Jesper Eriksson & Cormac Close (Stockholm)
CAs: Rūta Gabaliņa, Rasmuss Filips Geks, Ieva Skrīvere

The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy is a law in the wizarding world that was signed in 1689 to safeguard the wizarding community from Muggles (1) and hide its presence from the world at large. Each individual Ministry of Magic is responsible for hiding the presence of the magical community in their own country and is held responsible for, among other things, the control of magical beasts, curbing public displays of underage magic, and ensuring that magical games and sports are played without risk of discovery.
There are secret connections maintained between the Muggle and the wizarding world at the governmental level. When appointed to office, each Prime Minister is visited by the Minister for Magic, who reveals the existence of magic and tells that they will only ever need to meet when there is something going on in the wizarding world that might affect the Muggle world.
(1) A Muggle is a person who is born to two non-magical parents and is incapable of performing magic.
R1:THW abolish the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy
R2:THW require all media organizations hosting major pre-election debates to provide live fact-checking of speakers’ claims
A Golddigger is a person who seeks a spouse or a partner with significantly higher income.
R3:THR the negative attitude towards Golddiggers
Brain drain is the emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country.
R4:TH, as the Baltic states, would incentivize brain drain from Belarus to the Baltics
GF: THBT liberal parties in Europe should abandon their focus on being pro-immigration


CAs: Martin Kuusmaa, Mārtiņš Liberts

R1: THBT India should discourage arranged marriages
R2: THW only invest in those African countries that put adequate effort into the protection of biological diversity
R3: THW sacrifice anything for safety

R4 (fake): THBT speech is silver, silence is golden
R4: THW offer temporary tax relief  to Baltic emigrants coming back home
GF: TH, as NATO, W not offer assistance in case of the armed forces of Russia entering any of the Baltic states


Winners: Karl Lall & Selene Gnadenteich (Tallinn Technical Universtiy)
CAs: Rūta Gabaliņa, Gediminas Užkuraitis

R1: THW, radically tax the rich and give all citizens a basic income without a requirement to work
R2: THBT, rather than protecting endangered species the animal rights movement should prioritize maximizing the total welfare of the animal population
R3: (fake) Info slide: For the purpose of this round you are Henrik Ilves. That’s right, the bow-tie wearing, Columbia University graduate, more commonly known as a president of a Sub-Russian country called ”Estonia” Your analysts tell you that if you created a new political party, you could win the upcoming elections in the 3 Baltic states.THW, after winning elections in the 3 countries, create the United States of Baltics, with the capital Riga
R3: THBT the Church should not take positions on issues which are not explicitly within the doctrine of the church
R4: THBT self proclaimed feminists should not alter themselves
GF: THW charge distribution and downloading of leaked sex tapes & nude pictures as sexual assault


Winners:Mārtiņš Sīlis & Toms Kārkliņš (University of Latvia)
CA: Ņikita Pušņakovs

R1:THBT it is the duty of any state to grant political asylum to whistleblowers from other countries
R2:THW use all dead human bodies for the benefit of those waiting for organ transplants
R3:THW suspend all regulation regarding environmental protection laws and policies during prolonged periods of economic recession
R4:THBT the Pope should be elected by all Catholics
GF:THBT intelligence agencies should be allowed to monitor all people without their consent


Winners:Kristin Parts & Helery Maidlas (Tartu University)
CA: Ņikita Pušņakovs

R1:THW allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in competitive sports
R2:TH condemns the use of military drones in all military operations
R3:THW forbid testing on all animals
R4(fake):THS teacher-student relationships
R4:THW ban all art that offends religious communities
GF: THBT that the European Union has failed


Kaspar Kelder & Pild Maarja (Tartu University)

R1:THBT the Baltic states should not provide any development aid
R2:THW create a state-run monopoly of porn and use it for social engineering
R3:THW ban any religious influence on people below the age of 18
R4:THW gradually stop paying old age pensions
GF:THW legalize duels in cases of adultery


Winners:Vladimirs Zlotnikovs and Žybartas Gineitis (SSE Riga)

R1:THW cap prices for vitally important goods like bread and milk
R2:THBT parties with overdue debts should not be allowed to participate in elections
R3:THB in visa freedom with Russia
R4(fake):THW remove age limits for participation in pornographic movies
R4:THW criminalize the payment of ransom
GF:THBT the EU should approve member countries budget deficit sides


Winners: Roberts Bernans & Nikita Pusnakovs (SSE Riga)
R1:THW give parents proxy votes for their children
R2:THW give North Korea unconditional food aid
R3:THW allow surrogate motherhood for profit
R4:THW ban equality movements focusing on one group only
GF:THW tie the liabilities of borrowers to the value of their provided collateral



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