Going to Bremen

Today 2 teams + 1 judge has gone to Bremen to participate in Jacobs Open 2009. Usually we go there by a minivan; however, due to economical crisis (most likely..) the price of plane tickets have decreased significantly and we (the five people going) chose plane over minivan.

I’m not sure is this good as the minivan trip is the most fun trip of all.. Let’s see will the Five complain about the trip after they come back?


3 thoughts on “Going to Bremen

  1. nothing can beat the minivan trip…

  2. It’s the old truth that one has to be particulalrly careful when flying with Ryanair as they try to squeeze all the money they can out their clients. However, it seems that we keep forgeting it and stop being thoughtful. As a result, the cost of our flights due to various absurd reasons increased at least twofold when we were already standing at the check-in point. After all, minivan might make sense now at least economically.

  3. Maybe a trip by minivan is fun, but I guess nothing could outstand getting wasted and playing “Mafia” with Estonians šŸ™‚

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