Past Riga IV’s

The  Riga IV first happened in 1999 and has since taken place under various names, including Arthur Andersen parliamentary debate tournament, SSE Riga Open and SSE Riga & LMT IV, SSE Riga IV and now Riga IV. The Riga IV is one of the biggest and the oldest continously run tournament in Continental Europe.


Open break winners: Gigi Gil & Emma Lucas  (Leiden)
Novice break winners: Mirre Khan & Eid Jazairi  (Stockholm)
Open best speaker:Ivan Velentey (Moscow)
Novice best speaker: Edvards Rutkis (SSE Riga)
CA’s: Michael DG, Monica Forman, Johan Bage, Rasmuss Filips Geks
Equity: Stefan Siridzanski
Convener: Lea Vatsel

R1: THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrolment in degree programs within their university that have statistically poor employment outcomes
R2: THBT search engines should deprioritise search or autocomplete results with sexist, racist or otherwise offensive content
R3:TH regrets the promotion of religion in countries formerly ruled by communist regimes in Eastern Europe
R4: THBT the US should abandon all military support for and impose economic sanctions on the Philippines
R5:THBT the governments of Brazil and Peru should contact uncontacted Amazonian tribes
Partial-QF: THBT governments in the developing world should limit migration to megacities
SF:THBT Italy should have voted ‘si’ in last week’s referendum on constitutional reform
NF:TH supports the use of referendums when deciding whether to permit same sex marriage
GF:TH supports the demolition of makeshift refugee camps on the borders between European countries e.g. The Calais Jungle in France, The Idomeni Camp in Greece


Open break winners: Nik Carverhill & Simonas Bartulis (Yale-NUS)
Novice break winners:  Oskar Toivonen & Ruslan Pisarenko (Helsinki)
Open best speaker: Nik Carverhill (Yale-NUS)
Novice best speaker: Tanel Mütt (Tallinn University)
CA’s: Stefan Siridzanski, John Mckee, Gustaf Lundgren, Rūta Gabaliņa, Daisy Vera Onubogu
Equity: Daisy Vera Onubogu
Convener: Rasmuss Filips Geks

R1: Info slide: The American Dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society; upward mobility is possible for everyone. The American dream is achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking and hard work, not by chance. THR the Narrative of the American Dream.
R2: THB The State Should Not Attach any Legal or Fiscal Privileges to the Family Unit (e.g tax breaks, spousal exemptions etc)
R3: Info slide: The Galactic Empire is a ruthless dictatorship that ruled over the galaxy for 20 years, while providing a degree of stability, and prosperity. During the reign of the Empire, countless star systems were conquered and dissident actions stamped out. It was defeated by the rebel alliance at the battle of Endor. THR The Fall of the Galactic Empire.
R4: Info slide: Broadsheet (noun) A newspaper often printed on a large size of paper, which reports about serious news and is generally considered of higher quality. THW Introduce an Excise Tax on Tabloids to Finance a Subsidy of Broadsheet.
R5: THW exclude Turkey from NATO if it Continues Bombing Kurdish Troops in Syria and Iraq.
Partial QF: THR the Negative Connotations Surrounding Creating Art for the Primary Purpose of Profit.
SF: THW Ban Mens’ Rights Activist Groups.
NF: THR the Narrative of Having one Great Calling or Purpose in Life.
GF: Context slide: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “literally” now also means “figuratively. TH as the Republican National Committee Would Literally Kick Donald Trump out of the Republican Party.


Open break winners: Gustaf Lundgren & Johan Båge (SSE)
Novice break winners: Sanna Kartau & Karl Mattias Sepp (S&M)
Open best speaker: Kaspar Kelder (Tartu)
Novice best speaker: Kerli Kalk (Tartu)
CA’s: Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan, Andrew Ford, Senna Maatoug, Gediminas Užkuraitis
Equity: Paul Igor Costea
Convener: Rūta Gabaliņa

R1: THW not allow skilled workers to migrate to the EU from the developing world
R2: THW require all film companies to practice socially representative film making
R3: THBT US citizens should select Option B i.e. they should vote to publicly subject the kidnapped officials to enhanced interrogation techniques
R4: TH supports the creation of feminist political parties
R5: THBT the Baltic states should ban Russian state-backed TV channels
QF: TH supports African Americans who choose to violently protest in response to police brutality
SF/ NF: THBT universities and student groups should not ban speakers with offensive political views
GF: THBT education systems should indoctrinate children to believe they are personally culpable for the death and suffering in the developing world


Open break winners: Gustaf Lundgren & Daisy Vera Onubogu (SSE)
Novice break winners: Lukas Jaliniauskas & Justas Brazauskas (team Narnia)
Open best speaker: Ņikita Pušņakovs (SSE Riga)
Novice best speaker:Vikki Perijainen (Semyon)
CA’s: Stephanie Bell & Clive Eley
Equity: Paul Igor Costea
Conveners: Rūta Gabaliņa & Susanna Paevali

R1:Infoslide: “sin tax” is a tax on the consumption of products that governments are reluctant to ban, but understand to be harmful Motion: THW introduce a sin tax on all meat products
R2:THW not provide rebuilding funds to citizens above the poverty line who live in known natural disaster areas
R3:THW establish an easily performed procedure for individuals to delete the entirety of their internet and social media footprint
R4:TH supports the Ukrainian government decision to make a trade deal with Russia rather than seek integration with the EU
R5 (fake):THW ban the use of animals in advertising
R5:THW return all ill-gotten artworks and valuable historical artifacts to the communities of their origin
NF: THW not give jail time to criminals who do not pose an ongoing violent threat to society
SF:THBT violent protest is a legitimate strategy in democratic societies
GF: THS unlimited human body enhancement in all areas of life,


Winners: Paul Igor Costea & Hannes Malmberg (Stockholm University)
Best Speaker: Kaspar Kelder (Tartu)
CA’s: Anna Karolin & Mihhail Jevdokimov
Convener: Susanna Paevali

R1: This house would ban sports, where the main purpose is to inflict pain (e.g. boxing, martial arts)
R2: This house believes that the state should fund the identity change, including changing their legal name and physical appearance, of infamous prisoners upon their release
R3:This house believes that Western countries should offer to immediately cancel all debts owed by any authoritarian country upon its transition to democracy
R4:This house believes that the gay rights movement should campaign for the abolition of marriage, rather than marriage equality
R5:This house would ban all political polls before any election
SF:This house would make the use of conscripts in active combat a war crime
GF:This house believes that from kindergarten onwards all education should be gender neutral,


Winners: Kaspar Kelder &  Sten Andreas Erlich   (Tartu)
Best Speaker: Paul Igor Costea (Stockholm)
CA’s: Hugh Burns & Martin Küüsmaa
Convener: Santa Kratule

R1: THBT Western nations should make development aid conditional on the protection of LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) rights
R2:THBT governments should lie to their populations in time of economic crisis, where the lies are deemed likely to improve the economy
R3:THW make any language which is spoken by at least 5% of the population an official state language and offer all state service in that language
R4: THBT the US military should destroy Iran’s nuclear program
R5:THW require all media aimed at children to undermine traditional gender roles
SF:THW make the US pay reparations to its Muslim citizens
GF:THBT the time for the United States of Europe has come,


Winners: John Engle & Declan Meehan (TCD Phil)
Best Speaker: Mihhail Jevdokimov (Tartu)
CA’s: Will Jones, Martins Vaivars & Jens Fischer
Convener: Reinholds Pirags

R1: THW criminalize women that drink alcohol during pregnancy
R2: THBT English should be the only language of education in developing countries
R3: THW forcibly settle the Roma
R4:THBT the US should stop all support (including military) until Israel unilaterally withdraws from illegal settlements in Palestine
R5:THW introduce quotas of poor and rich in all schools
SF:THBT the state should approve all loans
GF:THBT emergent democracies should ban all political rallies and other large public gatherings


Best Speaker:
CA’s: Will Jones & Arvydas Ziobakas
Convener: Ņikita Pušņakovs


Winners: Anna Karolin and Andero Uusberg (Tartu)
Best Speaker: Charlotte Thomas (Cambridge)
CA’s: Nick Devlin & Yuri Romanenkov
Convener: Paulius Pikelis


Winners: Gabriel Mastico & Oliver Lewis (SSE Finland Svenska)
Best Speaker:
CA’s: Neill Harvey-Smith
Convener: Justas Grigalauskas

R1:THW make people pay for private car ownership (not exact wording)
R3:THW make voting in European Parliament Elections mandatory (not exact wording)
R4: THW put a tax on the number of foreign players in a sports teams (not exact wording)


Winners: Agne Sovaite and Audinga Besusparyte (MRU/VU 2)
Best Speakera: Uve Poom (Tallinn University),Allan-Hermann Pool (Tallinn University)
CA’s: Nick Devlin
Convener: Martin Küüsmaa

R1:THW legalise euthanasia
R2:THBT multinational companies are friends of the developing world
R3:THW impose environmental tax on airlines
R4:THW change the constitution of Japan allowing them to have offensive forces
R5:THW introduce national quotas for accepting immigrants for EU member states
QF:THW allow the sale of organs
SF:THW compel prisoners to be subject to medical experiments


Winners: Heanrik Meadler & Sebastian Hirsch (IUB)
Best Speaker: Gabe Mastico (Helsinki)
CA’s: Nick Devlin
Convener: Yuri Romanenkov

R1:THW place tax on fast food
R2: THW tie foregin aid to environmental standards
R3:THBT torture is justified
R4: THBT there are no more heros
R5: THW ban extremist political parties
QF:  THBT sporting boycotts are a legitimate political tool
SF: THW declare sex with a trafficked prostitue rape
GF: THW ban the reporting of hostage taking


Winners: Boriss Ginzburgs & Aleksejs Vlasovs (SSE Riga)
Best Speaker:


Winners: Boriss Ginzburgs and Aleksejs Vlasovs  (SSE Riga)
Best Speaker:

GF:THBT the Pope should be allowed to get married (wording not exact)


Winners: Sarunas Chomentauskas &      (SSE Riga)
Best Speaker:


Best Speaker:


Best Speaker:


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