Past Debate Academy’s

Debate Academy took place first in 2012, and each years gathers the best international and regional coaches / judges for the event.  Established by SSE Riga Debate Society, the Riga Academy is now hosted together by SSE Riga Debate Society and Latvian Debate Association “Quo tu domā?”.


Winners: Erik Haamer & Kerli Kalk (Tartu)
Best Speaker:Radoslaw Czekan (Jagiellonian)
Coaches: Michael Shapira, Scott Ralston, Johan Båge, Jonathan Howard, Adam Hawksbee, Ruta Gabalina, Thomas Simpson
R1: THW remove all sin taxes
R2: THW ban the use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles (armed drones) during warfare
R3:THW give parents full access to their children’s social media accounts
R4:THS vigilantism in areas of severe socio-economic deprivation
Grand final: THW create a standing army for the European Union


Winners: Kaisa Hyry & Milla Huuskonen (Helsinki)
Best Speaker: Aline Fleetwood (Stockholm)
Coaches: Andrew Ford,  Michael Shapira, Amanda Moorghen, Maja Cimerman, Scott Ralston, Johan Båge, Jonathan Howard

R1:THW require men to take paternity leave
R2: THW ban strikes in times of economic instability
R3:THBT states should ban their citizens from travelling as tourists to countries with poor HR record
R4:THW ban convicted criminals from holding elected office
GF: THW introduce mandatory military service


Winners: Simona Tamulyte and Marius Lukminas (MRU)
Best Speaker:Kätliin Lember (TEC)
Coaches: Michael Shapira, Amanda Moorghen, Kaspar Kelder, Maja Cimerman, Ben Gladnikoff

R1:This house would fund cosmetic plastic surgery
R2:This House Believes that juries should only include individuals that are from the same socio-economic class as the defendant
R3:This house believes that international sporting events, such as the Olympics or Football World Cup, should not be held in countries with poor human rights records
R4:This house applauds the rise of pop songs by female artists that glorify assertive female sexuality


Winners: Rebecca Lew and Charlie Panhuyzen (Utrecht University)
Best Speaker: Edgaras Marcinkus (SSE Riga)
Coaches: Michael Shapira, Manos Moschopoulos, Leela Koenig, Mārtiņš Vaivars

R1:THW remove the right to vote upon retirement
R2:THBT the targeting of religious sites is a legitimate tool of war
R3:THW make fines relative to wealth
R4:TH, as a Russian-speaking Latvian, would not vote for a Russian party in Latvian elections
GF:THW require couples that intend to enter into official partnerships to be informed of their partners full genetic profile and other health issues


Winners:Viktoryia Pilinko & Ivan Velentey (SSE Riga)
Best Speaker: Alexander Philipp Ebner (Erasmus University)
Coaches: Harish Natarajan, Jeroen Heun, Mihhail Jevdokimov, Līva Andersone

R1:THW ban single sex schools
R2:THW not participate in international sporting events held in countries that abuse human rights
R3:THBT crimes committed by police officers should be punished more severely
R4:THBT women should pay a lower rate of income tax than men
R5:THW ban treatments that claim to cure homosexuality
GF:THBT NATO members should not sell weapons to non NATO members


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