Taking place for the 17th time on December 2015, the SSE Riga Inter-Varsity is the oldest and the 2nd biggest debate tournament in continental Europe. Gathering around 200 participants, the best regional judges, internationally acclaimed CA’s and hosting legendary socials the SSE Riga IV provides one of the best debating experiences in Europe.

December , 2015
Format: British Parliamentary, 5 preliminary rounds, break to Open Quarter-finals and Novice Finals. All speeches are 7 minutes long.
Team cap: 72-80

SSE Riga Practice Tournament 
The perfect autumn debating season kick-off tournament, the SSE Riga Practice tournament allows Novice debaters get their first international debating experience, socials and all. Generally organized as an inclusive 1 day tournament without a registration fee the event welcomes around 60-70 participants from the region.

October, 2015
Format: British Parliamentary, 4 preliminary rounds, break to Finals. Preliminary round speeches are 5 minutes and finals speeches are 7 minutes long.
Team cap: 32

SSE Riga Debate Academy
The Debate Academy lasts for 3 days and will consist of 7 workshops held in 4 parallel rooms for various ability levels and a mini tournament (4 rounds and finals). The event is organized in cooperation with “QUO tu domā?”,a non-governmental organization that promotes debating education and practice in Latvia. It aims to improve the quality of public discourse in Latvia and increase the number of young people who have undergone basic debating, critical thinking and advocacy training.

June, 2016
Format: British Parliamentary, 7 workshops in 4 difficulty levels, 4 preliminary, break to finals. Preliminary round speeches are 5 minutes long, finals are 7 min.

Public Debates
SSE Riga frequently organizes public debates where industry specialists and public figures discuss current Latvian, Baltic and International issues. Examples of public debates organized in the past include topics on the quality of media coverage in the context of the Zolitude tragedy (organized in cooperation with Quo tu domā?), appropriateness of the education system to market demands and the introduction of the euro in Latvia.


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