Past Riga Mini’s

Riga Mini was established as a tournament format in 2017. Ad hoc in nature, these are small tournaments held in times when the rest of the Baltic debating scene is silent to provide training opportunities for the local community.

2017, 2nd edition

Winners: Edvars Rutkis & Rūdolfs Treilis (Riga)
Best speaker: Melda Eren
CA team: Ruta Gabalina, Rasmuss Filips Geks, Darta Maija Zake, Renate Rozentale, Edgars Kletnieks

R1: TH Welcomes The Live Streaming of War
R2: THBT Estonia and Latvia should grant citizenship to non-citizen residents
R3: In the near future, scientist Thomas Harbor has discovered conclusive scientific evidence that afterlife exists. It has also been determined that it is impossible to to find out the specific nature of afterlife. TH, as Thomas Harbor, would destroy the research
R4: TH supports the establishment of a gayborhood in Riga
GF: Assuming Belarus agrees, THBT NATO should grant full membership to Belarus contingent on it’s pivot to the west in foreign policy and trade

2017, 1st edition

Winners: Darta Maija Zake & Adele Pužule
Best speaker: Darta Maija Zake
CAs: Rasmuss Filips Geks, Ruta Gabalina

Ecoterrorism is the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against people or property by an environmentally oriented group and / or for environmental reasons
R1: THBT ecoterrorism is legitimate
R2: TH, as atheists, W stop ridiculing religion
The Victory Memorial to Soviet Army (Latvian: Uzvaras piemineklis; Russian: Памятник освободителям Риги) in Riga, Latvia was erected in 1985 to commemorate the Soviet Army’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. The initial name of the monument was “Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German Fascist Invaders”. A 1994. agreement between Russia and Latvia states that both countries have to maintain, and ensure accessabilty to all memorial monuments and burial grounds of importance to the other state. In 1997 ithe Victory monument was unsuccessfully bombed by members of the Latvian ultra-nationalist group Pērkonkrusts, two of whom died during the bombing. The monument remains controversial due to its use for 9th of May Victory Day cellebrations by the ethnic Russian minority and various rallies.
R3: THW take down the Victory Monument

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