Open doors day

Hi guys!

For last few days other members of the Society feel that we should blog more actively, hence I wanted to write this post. Here’s the deal – last Saturday SSE Riga hosted an open doors day for high school students. Debate Society played an active role in this event by putting on two show-debates for everyone who attended.

To spice things up, we decided to do open motions. In both occasions, Martins L. and Arvydas was 1st Gov, while Martins V. and Ervinas were in the 1st Opp. Guess what? Liberts prefers setting up nasty debates. The first debate still had a rather conventional motion ‘THW legalize incest’. This wasn’t the case in the second debate, though. They came up with a crazy plan allowing only the smartest people to vote, while all other people would be harvested for their organs that could be then re-distributed to the wise-men. They say that the plan was inspired by a Lithuanian lady (wonder whom?).

The debate was awesome!! It clearly had all the elements of debating – witty speeches, logical reasoning, nice humour and great engagement among debaters. The crowd was screaming, high school kids were so impressed that they were not able to leave the Soros auditorium, and the fellow students laughed their ass off 🙂

Anyway we, the Debate Society, came up with at least two suggestions for the next year’ s ODD:

  • school has to work on inviting graduates so that the SSE Riga wannabees can meet the old guys and girls who have managed to pull it off. This would definitely boost the motivation of our youth to join this school – seeing the best people and looking up to them is the thing that pushes us forward!
  • school has to understand what is the marketing message of this event. It’ s not okay just to have a random day where people can come and see inside of the school. We suggest that SSE Riga has to compete with universities from abroad, like the top universities of UK, USA and other Western European countries. So why wouldn’ t the school create a message like “Quality and experience of truly Western university just around the corner”.

3 thoughts on “Open doors day

  1. Actually, the debate on ODD was one the best I have ever heard. Not the kind of one which would give a victory in Oxford, but definitely exciting and smart. Taking into account the significant amount of people who now participate in our debates, it left a great impression about us.

    And I had no idea that some guys had such a nice sense of humor. 😉

  2. The debate on ODD was great. I was really impressed. Maybe I and some of my classmates can come and see some DS debating in March or April?

  3. Tom, you and your friends can definitely attend our sessions – Monday / Thursday at around 1815.

    See you!

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