Recent successes


it’s been a while since our last update; fortunately, we have some good news to share.

First, Debate Society is up and running, with quite a few people (both Y1s and Y2s) attending sessions. We hope to keep the current competitive yet friendly atmosphere.

Second, since February our society has won 2 tournaments: Latvian University tournament, which was a nice small regional tournament with one English room, and Estonian Open 2011, which was held in Tartu and gathered some of the best Baltic debaters. In both cases, the victorious team consisted of Reinholds and Vladimirs; other SSE Riga have also achieved decent results.

Third, we are looking forward to the upcoming tournaments in Bremen and Vilnius. Obviously being in high spirits after two victories in a row, we have high aspirations  to win. Wish us good luck!

Stay tuned,

SSE Riga Debate Society


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