Success at Trinity IV 2011

The new debating year has started for our society, and the beginning is quite promising.

On January 27-29, the annual Trinity IV was held in Dublin, Ireland, with a team cap of 100 and a prominent adjudication pool including Ruth Faller, Catherine Murphy, and Shengwu Li. SSE Riga Debate Society was represented by Stanislavs Filatovs and Rokas Narkus; interestingly, both of them are Y2s, which means they managed to get away to Dublin in the middle of Financial Economics.

Stas and Rokas did really well, finishing on 9 points (team and speaker tabs can be downloaded here) and thus becoming the best ESL team and beating Berlin, Talinn, and many native teams. Congrats to them and long live SSE Riga!

The motions were as follows (the wording may not be entirely correct):

Round 1: THBT liberal democracies should promote atheism

Round 2: THW become a legal haven for organizations and individuals that leak sensitive information about governments.

Round 3: THW hold parents administratively liable for bad parenting that falls short from child abuse.

Round 4: THW stop all attempts of search for extra-terrestrial life.

Round 5: THB that abortion should always be unethical when mothers life is not at stake.

Quarterfinals: THBT liberal democracies should turn to vigilante measures when the state fails to act.

Semifinals: THW organize a Women-only IV

Finals: THB that “I was simply following the orders” should be a valid line of defense in trials of crimes against humanity.


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