SSE Riga Practice Tournament

You can find all the results and some analysis here:

These were the motions set at the SSE Riga Practice Tournament this weekend:

Round 1: THW give parents proxy votes for their children
Round 2: THW give North Korea unconditional food aid
Round 3: THW allow surrogate motherfood for profit
Round 4: THW ban equality movements focusing on one group only
Final: THW tie the liabilities of borrowers to the value of their provided collateral

Once again, I had enormous pleasure spending this day with all of you. Thanks to all, and I hope to meet you again soon.



5 thoughts on “SSE Riga Practice Tournament

  1. I am very amused by the Final motion. Under that model, would my liability to pay my credit card bills be completely obliterated? Does the prop herald the end of unsecured debt?

  2. Cool motions – I especially fancy the 4th round and the final. It seems that the tournament has been a huge success.


  3. Yuri – the final motion is about Latvian real estate loans situation, although it’d be nice not to have to repay credit card debts.

    Martins – interesting, peolpe at the tournament really liked motions 1-3, the 4th and the final didn’t work out 100% as intended. I’d actually be quite interested in some statistics if I can get them šŸ™‚

  4. I was quite surprised many debaters struggled with understanding what proxy votes, surrogate mothers and situation in NK is, but in terms of quality 4th round was definitely the best one. Speaking of finals, I’ve noticed people outside SSE have problems with economic motions.

    But massive thanks to Martin for contribution!

  5. Guys, Martins, Yuri, am I blind or am I blind – where’s the contact form / any contacts of the debates club?
    I have been contacted by Sorosa fonds LV on the topic related to debates. I can’t help them, but maybe you will. Send me an e-mail, I’ll send back the info.

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