Tobin tax


This blog hasn’t seen any updates for a while. I have just came across an idea of Tobin tax, which I was barely familiar with before. So I did some research and found an article that explains more or less what is it about and lists all the pros and cons. Hope this could be helpful. Btw, we could try debating on Tobin tax the next session, or it could be a great motion for an open motion tournament, since it is very hard to debate on it for a non-economist.

Some more also could be found here




3 thoughts on “Tobin tax

  1. Can be good fun for internal purposes. Not sure if it’s a great idea as an open motion case. It’s generally a wrong strategy to choose cases that are difficult to debate due to specialist knowledge. Chances are if the other teams don’t get it, the judges won’t either. I won a debate on Tobin Tax against a couple of SSE Riga teams when I was still a Y1 Politics student.

  2. I believe that it is not a good idea to debate economics motions with Y1s before they have had Macro (even if the motion is about Micro)… and I’ve had this opinion already for 3 yrs or so šŸ˜‰ And, FYI, THW introduce Tobin Tax (or something similar) was a motion in the opening round of LSE Open 2006 (or maybe it was 2007…)

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