EUDC 2009: 3rd Entry

It is good that I can start my third entry on a positive note. The preliminary rounds have passed, and, even though we do not know the results of the last round, we have already made the ESL break, and still have some chances to make it to the main break. To be honest, that’s quite pleasant. We’ll see how the last round has played out tonight during the break party & later let you know.

The short recap: 12p/18p.

After failing in the third round yesterday, we had a refreshingly good start of the day. We won two debates in a row. Both had really cool motions (THBT the gay rights movement should oppose gay marriages & THBT western liberal countries have a moral duty to spread democracy across the world using force where necessary). I guess we simply nailed it – we somehow managed to approach the motions in a good way, and that paid off.

After 5 rounds and 11 points, we found ourselves in a good room with teams from Cambridge, Durham and Tel Aviv. The motion was THBT custody hearings should not take a child’s biological parentage into account. In my humble opinion, a very tough motion for the government side of the bench. We were 2nd Gov & the only reason why we were third was that the opening government was even worse. Oh well, we are not good at debates about domestic issues anyway.

So we wondered into the last round with 12 points and a realistic chance to squeeze into the main break. Motion: THW allow doctors to actively lie to their patients in order to create or augment a placebo effect. Nothing particularly interesting. We do not want to speculate about how it went, but we will find out tonight.

One small, although not particularly useful, observation. There were no real economic motions in any of the preliminary rounds. I find this a bit strange. If the debating community expects debate motions to be somewhat representative of the problems in the world, I am sure that economic issues deserve more than one seventh of them. Just because many people find it hard to debate those issues, does not necessarily mean that they should not be required to tackle them. I hope to see some classy economics motions in the break rounds.

That’s it for now. Hope all is fine for everybody.

Take care,



1 thought on “EUDC 2009: 3rd Entry

  1. Well done on the 12 points! I personally find the lying to patients motion extraordinarily interesting, but perhaps this is just my mild obsession with medical ethics.

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