EUDC 2009: 2nd Entry

OK, it seems that the previous post didn’t get too much critical approval. Oh well, it’s not like I am trying to write a masterpiece here. The first real day of EUDC 2009 is now past, and it would do no harm to create a blog entry.

Before venturing into the boring world of debating, one point has to be made. British ability to organise things is sub-prime to say the least. Rounds do not run on time, simple directions are not given, food quality is not at the level one would expect it to be. Since we are from Eastern Europe ourselves (you know, doing human trafficking and getting bailed out by the IMF) we will used to this quite fast.

Debating record: 5p/9p (yeah, not as good as expected but, trust me, it was just a coincidence)

In short, we had two awesome rounds and one round of total misery. After winning the first round with very good teams and slightly falling second behind Oxford in the next one, we had every reason to be satisfied. I even finally managed to integrate a Darwinian idea in a debate and not come last (this may not seem much, but I am about to rub this in everyone’s faces when I meet them).

The follow-up in the third round was not that awesome. 1st government, unpleasant motion on illegal immigrants, and ridiculously bad job in framing our approach to the debate – all that accounted for getting the last place. But don’t you worry, we will get better. High aspirations & loads of talent – that’s how we roll baby.

So much for now. We will be getting some dinner soon. We’ll keep you updated on what’s up.

Take care,



3 thoughts on “EUDC 2009: 2nd Entry

  1. Your start was impressive. May the 2nd day start equally well…

  2. Now that I read some other blogs I can give more hints on what to write 🙂 Is it true that everyone is angry because there is no 8th round? And how come 6 out of 7 rounds are open adjudication?

  3. Not too much of truth there, as I just went to the pre-Council. Some people were annoyed because of having 7 rounds, but, as it was because of reasons out of the control of the organisers, the fury did not last.

    According to the conveners, ‘since they do not have a lot of money to provide us with decent food, coffee or paper, they want to turn Euros’09 into the best learning experience ever’. In my humble opinion, quite a ridiculous way of approching it.

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