Money and debates

Yet another time I proved myself that money rules the world. I read an email concerning a movie about Qatar debate team. When I looked at the trailer I noticed that so many of best debaters around the world have helped them to practice and learn.

I wonder how good could Latvians become if we had such coaches? 😉


3 thoughts on “Money and debates

  1. Te vairāk info. par filmu, tostarp airdate:

  2. nice video, I should be jealous but I figured out that they miss the most important thing for top debater that they will never be able to buy – massive drinking and evil jokes our debate society have, hah, in your face!

    p.s. and as far as I know, we are the only debate club with cheer-squad

  3. As it has been discussed previously, truly excellent debaters have to possess these qualities:

    1. Ability to withstand a bottle of jagermeister, and whatever else afterwards.

    2. Be impolite to other parts of the humanity and regularly insult minorities (including when you are a minority yourself).

    3. Normally does not have a job.

    4. Preferably interacts with different genders.

    5. Talks no sense and feels cool about this.

    I hope now we’re clear that those guys are far from perfect. 😉

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