Tournament in Kyiv


I have found a massive BATNA for those who will not partipate in the Peaktime. The option is to go to the “Kyiv Spring” debate tounament (May 1-3) and have some fun there. The level is not very high, meaning that you can binge drink all the weekend and still break.   The reg fees are 20€ & 10€ for debaters and judges respectively, n-1 applies. Some bullet-pointed advantages:

  • CA is William Jones. The euro and world champion. I wonder how can they get such good ca’s all the time.
  • Kyiv is a wonderful city, really worth visiting and revisiting. Relatively cheap as well.
  • It is a train trip – expect nothing but an awesome journey. Plus Odessa is not that far away should anybody want a detour 😉
  • You get grilled meat with onions for breakfast. And like it.
  • Taxi drivers refuse to take you to the hotel because the road to the hotel is flooded.

Registration ends on April 10. Let’s go?



4 thoughts on “Tournament in Kyiv

  1. Man, BATNAs like these make me want to dodge Peak Time and go to Kyiv.. Commitment sucks.


  2. Martinš, you are correct 🙂 Let me also outline that SSE Riga has won this tournament twice (in 2005 and 2007), that Kyiv is a magnificent city (a walk on Khreshchatik – or however it’s supposed to be written in English – is just nice), that not only Odessa, but also the whole Crimea is just an overnight train trip away, an that it’s also a great chance to explore Belarus – a neighbouring country that is yet visited rarely. If you need help or hints on travel routes and times, email or call me 🙂 I really regret that I won’t be able to go. But I’ll do it next year…

  3. Check and remember that this trip also offers chances to participate in cross-border smuggling (of soft toys :P)

  4. I think Will is coming because, hes was supposed to come to Tallinn IV as well, so for him it’s a one big trip to Eastern Europe. Plus, since he’s the DCA at next worlds (as a European representative in a way) he is trying to do as many tournaments as possible

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