SSER Debate Society has an official band now

There were two major decisions we made during our trip to Ventspils:

1. The Debate Society already has its own official flat, official drink (Jager … mmm) and official whatever other stuff… Now the time has come to recognise the official band of the Debate Society – The Prodigy. The decision was made during the way back from Ventspils and all five of us voted “for”, so the decision shouldn’t be doubted or argued anyhow 🙂  Later we will post some photos of our “Mad Road Rave Parties” and you all will be impressed by the power of this music (people in Marupe already had) 🙂

2. Considering the fact that the official band of the Debate Society is The Prodigy, we decided that the party on the next SSE Riga IV will be a hardcore rave party 🙂

Now we suggest you go to youtube, search “Prodigy”, and experience the beautiful harmony of rave.


Nikita, Martins V., Roberts, Liva, Dmitrijs


1 thought on “SSER Debate Society has an official band now

  1. Ivaders Must Die!!

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