Witnessing a fight in Caramel Rouge

Uff.. It took me almost a week to get over it.. To get over the fight that we witnessed this Monday in Caramel Rouge. Don’t worry – we were not hit, nor covered in losers blood (even though Liva almost was). But what actually happened?

The following story has several leading actors:

Andris, Andrejs, Hui, Black Eye – four friendly; however, dizzy studs.
James & Bond – two friendly power-lifters, local guard wannabees.
Davis, Ervinas, Liva, Madara, Martin, Martins, Martins, Nikita, Nikita’s friend X, Roberts, Zemgus (all together the Gang) – bunch of naive sirs & madams willing to experience something fresh.

Intro: The Entrance

the Gang enters Caramel Rouge rather empty and quiet place for this particular evening that already alerted some of the Gang’s members.

Hui gives the Gang The Look.. .. .. and only after a minute or two the Gang can brake that awkward feeling and start to feel like home – someone sits down at the table, someone goes to take a piss, someone shouts to another one, someone just feels happy.

Andris (addressing the Gang but no one in particular): “Keep it low, Gangster!”

the Gang halts for a second.. then carries on with their stuff as nothing would have happened..

Scene 1: The Dialogue

Just after the first drinks have been ordered this bizarre dialogue occurs:

– Davis says to Ervinas, Liva says to Madara, Martin says to Martins, Martins says to Nikita, Nikita’s friend X says to Roberts, Zemgus says to his imaginary friend Tom (all simultaneously): “I bet there will be a fight tonight! Look at Andris, Andrejs, Hui and Black Eye – they are looking for some trouble..”

– Ervinas replies to Davis, Madara replies to Liva, Martins replies to Martin, Nikita seems to ignore Martins, Roberts replies to Nikita’s friend X, some say that even Zemgus imaginary friend Tom replied to Zemgus (all simultaneously): “Don’t you worry, my friend! If there will be a fight Nikita will take care of it!”

– “And I’ll take the hits!” Roberts added in a playful manner.

the Gang regained their peacefulness and ease and continued to enjoy their evening.

Scene 2: The great fight that will be remembered as “The Greatest Fight Next To The Table”

the Gang enjoys their evening, discusses various exciting ideas and is having a great time.

But then straight from the other side of the room James & Bond walks to sit down and talk with our looking-for-trouble-quartet.

James discussed Utilitarianism theory of the honorable James Stuart Mill with Andris & Andrejs, while Bond gets into a chat about the financial crisis and increasing consumption of alchohol among socially challenged part of the society.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, not expected by anyone (even the wisest members of the Gang) a fist flies straight up in the air, touching Bond’s cheek on the way.

The silence began.. after half a second it ended and The Greatest Fight Next To The Table began!


The fight was to ruthless to be written down or told to anyone, only the summary may be given:

Hui and Black Eye were giving Bond a hard time by their energetic and rather powerful punches, while James was hugging his new friends Andris & Andrejs.

Blood were all around the place.

After a while Bond was too weak to continue the noble activity and as sudden as the fight started, it ceased.

The looking-for-trouble-quartet went outside to celebrate their victory, have a smoke and to discuss their further strategy.

Bond and what was left over of his pride went to the bathroom. James took a strategic position next to the bar – one might never know where the trouble is going to strike back.

the Gang that was previously smiling and chatting now were completely silent and shattered.

Scene 3: The Punch

All of the greastest fights are lost went the leaders fail to pursue the correct strategic choices, this was no exception today.

Black Eye came back to exhibit what he might have considered as the victory. He approached James and stood next to him so close that there was no place for a napkin in between their noses.

As all winners he started to humiliate the looser. “Soldier?” he asked. “Soldier?” he repeated. There was no reply.

Black Eye felt insulted, he didn’t like that what he might have considered as a looser is not answering his question. He continued in somewhat harsher voice: “Soldier?”. But there was still no reply.

It was too much for Black Eye. He couldn’t stand the disrespectful act carried out by James, so he did what all honorouble men would do – he shouted: “Penis!?” (because only It could stand so hard and still for so long and not react to kind of pressure given by Black Eye)

But this time Blacky was wrong, he was mistaken and wrongly suspected James to be what he called him to be. James, in fact, was a professional martial arts fighter and responded in the most appropriate way he could think of – he used the special two touch hit to eliminate the enemy and knock him down..

As Black Eye was lying on the floor, The Greatest Fight Next To The Table was officially over. James & Bond (more James, though) were victorious.

Outro: The Exit

the Gang finished their beer, stood up and left the place in a manner that wouldn’t reveal what they have just witnessed..

But deep down in their hearts they all knew that none of the witnesses will be the same men or women they were before entering Caramel Rouge that night – this fight had changed them all!


3 thoughts on “Witnessing a fight in Caramel Rouge

  1. Is it recession that makes Latvia more and more violent??? I bet Paulius (R.) would have liked to be there, I can still remember him looking for a fight in Moscow šŸ™‚

  2. Surprisingly, this account is a very accurate description of what actually happened. The fight was an exciting mix of violence and awesomeness!

  3. How come I happened to be away when such exciting things occur in the DS after-sessions? What a missed opportunity…

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