The new place of the Society

Yes, we are crazy! It must be the best explanation why we have started to rent a place for the Debate Society. It is located in 10 Zala street – really close to the school and just one floor above Baiba K. from year 1.

On the other hand – we believe that a place where debaters can feel like home and where people can go whenever they like not just at 1815 on Mondays and Thursdays is of a huge benefit for overall experience, knowledge and community!

Therefore tonight we are meeting at school and going for a session in the above mentioned place.

DirectionsAs shown on the map above one has to leave SSE Riga, turn to the right then turn into Alberta street, then to the left into Antonijas street, then to the right into Dzirnavu street and to the left into Zala street.

At Zala 10 there is a house with an entrance from the street, but one has to go through the metallic gates to the left of the main entrance (if it’s closed you have to use a code) . When entering the yard there will be a house just in front of you (across the yard). That’s where you want to go in and climb to the third floor (apartment number 18). There should be a door ring..

I hope directions are clear and simple; however, feel free to cal me if any additional guidance is needed – 26397071. On the other hand, one can approach Baiba K. (year 1) and ask her how to get to her home, and before entering her apartment climb one more floor 🙂


9 thoughts on “The new place of the Society

  1. Where exactly is it, for the lectures end at 7pm for some of us.

  2. The post has been updated with more or less precise directions to the place.

    And sure we will be glad to see people who study at school till 7pm!

  3. Hmz, do we have a new place just because we feel we need it, or were there any problems with getting a room in SSE?

  4. Im speechless. Is the place quite ugly or you became suddenly rich? And in the latter case, what happened to Parex banka headquarters? Anyway, Im looking forward to checking the place out 🙂

  5. We didn’t get suddenly rich; however, the place is nice. The problem might be in the fact that we need to get furniture..
    Want to help?

  6. I actually know where you can get furniture for free, unless something has changed in the past 7 months 😉

  7. And I dont have in mind throwing bricks to Saeima or getting the “furniture” from Latvijas Balzams shop 🙂

  8. Yes, yes – you showed off being very smart.. So where is the place?

  9. 😀 You can get furniture from school. I used school’s table and chairs in almost every flat I lived in.

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