Worlds are over

As one might guess the Worlds are over. On our way back we stopped in Dublin for a night. We drunk some beer (and added some vodka to it) in very nice and rather lavish place called The Church – a bar, restaurant and a club within a renovated church..

That was nice; however, the place we slept wasn’t. We like to call it “The Shithole”. First of the luggage room smelled like shit, it’s ceiling had some wholes, and there was a combination of blood and semen on the floor. Then we noticed three people who were leaving the place right after they saw their room that they called “filthy and meant for dogs”. Then we also understood why there is “no refund” available 🙂

There were two people in our room besides us (it was a room with eight beds and no lock on the door). As we later found out one of the guys was a psycho – he jumped up in the morning, run to the window, opened it and went back to sleep. After some time he jumped out of the bed, quickly took his sleeping bag and run away.

The best thing that happened was the awesome lady coming in at around 8 o’clock. However, later we thought that she might have wished to rob us.. As someone actually got robbed by a suspicious lady 😦

In every other aspect way back to Latvia was ok. We must admit that we needed to do some reality check as soon as we saw the first Latvian ladies, especially the cabin attendants 🙂


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