Eighth day at Worlds – part two

We are happy to see that the ESL final and our afterthoughts have fostered some discussion – as we’re a Debate Society we believe that discussion is of the highest value.

The other part of this day; however, can be described in two words – grand final & final ball / party. Grand final was awesome, it was massive, to my mind one of the best that has been seen over the past few years! The motion was simple and important for the Irish nation – This House would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

The depth and analysis provided by teams was just unforgettable. One couldn’t imagine that you can dig so deep when discussing an abortion. I especially liked 1st opp (Oxford A), who went on to win this one, who gave fantastic analysis why it’s females choice and why fetus can be compared to a zombie that attacks you on a street or a random person forcing you to stay with him for 9 months.. That was pure awesomeness!

The final ball was lame as always.. After these Worlds I won’t buy that Irish can party, plus there was a good reason why most people didn’t stand up when others thank you-ed the guy responsible for entertainment! The four dish meal was served rather unprofessionally and slowly, for example, the knife change for second meal was rather random.. The music was also random and reminded of “Shuffle” function for Winamp! As always in such balls some other events happened but let them stay with the witnesses or be told in more appropriate manner!

p.s. they say that Vilnius A won the EFL competition.. Resign!


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