Sixth day at Worlds

There is that thing one has to do on the 1st of January – sleep:

  • Ervinas, Martin and Martins V. slept till 10:00, ate breakfast and continued sleeping till 1500, then turned on TV and continued to sleep till 1800..
  • Arvydas and Martins L. slept till 1400 (yes, Martins didn’t go to the World Council as he noticed being still too drunk at 0800 when he was supposed to leave the hotel), then both of them had lunch and a couple of beers that allowed for some nice brain storming on the future of our Society in 2009..

Afterward we saw Public Speaking’s final (not too impressive.., except for the Willard Foxton and his army talk) and Master’s final held in the Irish Times format. Master’s final was really entertaining (except for 3 speeches given by females, even though they were reasonably decent). Plus we are considering to talk to Equity Officer as someone in the debate commented that communism is always better than capitalism – that just hurts our deepest feelings (like muslims wouldn’t like to be called irrational..).

The last thing that we remember was a cultural clash between Irish and next Worlds hosts – Turkish. Without any doubts Turkish won (providing free alchohol, snacks, great music, and nice gentlemen and ladies)! That’s scary as the next party is an Irish party only..


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