Fifth day at Worlds

In one word – FAIL!

Our teams didn’t manage to get 15 points to break – we are not sure how many points did they get. The worst thing about it is that all nine rounds were spent in relatively bad rooms, without a chance to participate in a decent debate.. Our judge also didn’t succeed and didn’t brake.. As we say – better luck next time!

If you might have noticed – it was the New Year’s Eve. Maybe people here are weird, but I wouldn’t say that this was my best New Year’s celebration party. The Baltic New Year was celebrated in a bus together with South Africans (who went on singing some nice songs in Africaan). Martins V., Martin and Ervinas; however, celebrated it in the ball room (everyone is silent about exact events). The Irish New Year was celebrated with probably the worst bear (and beer) in the world – Carlsberg. It’s a pitty that for the closing event there will be 2 shampaign receptions, but they were not able to provide shampaign for the New Year’s celebration. Even if one would try to buy some – they had no decent glasses to serve it (we had to drink vodka shots from 0.3L plastic cups!). Moreover if we just look at this event as a regular party then it also didn’t succeed much as a DJ was rather lame, dance floor was rather empty, and people were just crawling around and chatting about debates..

One random fact about each of us here from day fifth:

  • Arvydas has really adopted to the left side traffic, now whenever he has to go right, he goes left!
  • Ervinas likes to share sandwiches and bed, moreover, he comes up with all these crazy ideas, i.e., “let’s drink vodka!”
  • Martin is really sweet, plus we discovered one rather naughty fact about him and redheads..
  • Martins L. didn’t get into coma last night, we all are looking forward to the next party..
  • Martins V. has been stalked by a nympho-manic Aussie; he still likes it, though!

2 thoughts on “Fifth day at Worlds

  1. shall we say: Resign!?

    is that true that ichy wiches from Vilnius broke to EFL final?

  2. According to my information Vilnius is one of the 4 teams in EFL break and since there are only 4, that would make it a final also. Weird.

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