Fourth day at Worlds

This day was fantastic – results are going up, parties are getting wilder and we all are having a lot of fun.. However, the women debate with the best joke “no, thank you!” when there was no point given made this day rather dull.. 😦 Even thought some speakers gave reasonable points, we were looking for some entertainment!

During the women night reception we managed to play a drinking game “1-2-3”, drink some free and some 4 EUR worth beer as well as go wild on the dance floor!

As for the actual debates – there is still a room for improvement but it seems that our guys can actually bring it home. Let’s hope that tomorrow they make approximately 6 points! 🙂
As for our judge – most likely he’ll end up judging some Belarus teams.. But let’s hope the judging God helps him out!

Good night and good luck!
p.s. at the moment we’re still listening to ex-SpiceGirls song “Things will never be the same again” and listening to Sky News..


1 thought on “Fourth day at Worlds

  1. Good to hear that ppl enjoy themselves 🙂 If anyone cares about the thoughts of newzealanders (however it’s correctly written), check

    Hoping for the best on my way to Riga!

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