Third day at Worlds

This was the most misserable day at Worlds.. All our teams kinda were not good (read – sucked) and finished with 2 and 3 points respectively. It means that they have to pick up 5 points for each consecutive day (that is possible – so let’s keep our fingers crossed).

Our judge also wasn’t great.. He had a chance to judge top room in round 3; however, freaked out to argument his opinion (that was correct at the end of the day). It seems that for the next day there will be only one room to judge – the bin.

Non related notes – Martin’s won 2.4 EUR in a high stakes poker game. Arvydas is disappearing all the day (they say he is trying to improve his debateability by appropriate relationship). Martins V. can’t wake up (we wonder what is he doing during the night).



3 thoughts on “Third day at Worlds

  1. At least the motions have been nice so far, haven’t they?

  2. arvydas is hiding from me!

    force him to get online pls

  3. As far as I have read the adjudication issues are quite fun over there. 😀

    Keep up with the point schedule!

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