I think that we all can agree that the SSE Riga & LMT 10th Jubilee IV turned out to be top-notch. The organisational matters ran smoothly, people were satisfied, and it really was an unlimited free alcohol party.

There is one person that should be thanked for this. Paulius did a great job to make all of this possible. Thanks, Pauliau, from all of our society! Your contribution is highly appreciated!


14 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. And of course congratulations to Martins & Arvydas who got to the semi-finals.

    Btw the food was surprisingly tasty 😉

  2. Let’s also not forget about our great tabbie Aurimas and a group of fantastic volunteers! Well done everyone!

  3. Thanks to everyone who was involved and thus expressed their best intentions towards the society and its members!! Well done!

  4. It was a very well organised and fun tournament to my mind as well. Great job, Pauliau 😉 Hopefully we will be able to keep up the level also in the upcoming years and the 15th IV with the longest name in the world will be attractive for the whole debating universe. For that i believe that any suggestions should be welcome for discussion.

  5. Could I please join in the choir of mass appreciation of last weekend. Very well done, Pauliau and Aurimai. The standard of pretty much everything was very high, and it all went surprisingly on time.

    What you need to do now is excite enough Y1s to do it next year!

  6. I also want to express gratitude to Paulius and the convening team. You guys did a great job and the tournament was great!

  7. Vodka was good

  8. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  9. You’re glamurly

  10. Yes, the tournament was great! Organization was on the high level: everything was more or less on time, food was tasty and the party rocked! Thanks Paulius and all the other organizers.

    P.S. Resign Martins V. 🙂 Vodka rocks 🙂

  11. Apparently there also seems to be correlation between vodka and hotel doors jamming. Would that suggest that it’s better to drink in small rural villages with no hotels?

  12. In small rural villages (like Liepaja or Daugavpils) you usually get beaten up by glamurly locals, so actually in this case it’s even better if the doors jam as long as you and glamurly locals are on the different sides of the doors.
    So the question should rather be – “Do the doors know when and where to jam?”

  13. I like julibee-diamond verymuch

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