Unemployment benefits

Employment and unemployment in particular is rather important issue in Latvia at the moment. Therefore we have compiled an Excel (it’s hosted at debate.lv due to WP regulations about Excels..) that allows people to calculate their unemployment benefits as well as average income if their salary is going to change soon (I guess it is going to happen for many..).

Even though we believe the numbers to be plus/minus precise, we do not take any responsibility for them (it’s our interpretation of what is written in the related laws and regulations). For more precise information visit State Social Insurance Agency.


2 thoughts on “Unemployment benefits

  1. The government plan to fix the economy has left me puzzled.. I do agree that the expected budget deficit is dangerous, but cutting government expenditure is some areas in the midst of a recession seems a bit counterintuitive..


  2. The same is going on in LT.. They are talking about increasing VAT, taking away support for mothers, real estate loans, etc. It makes sense in general, but once you look into the current environment, its definitely conterintuitive, although all the experts seem to agree..

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