Latvian politics

Recall debaters shouting “Shame” at weak moments of other speeches?

Here, you could say it for 30 minutes in a row.

I hope, nobody will change his/her citizenship after this video, but this really makes me ashamed of my country.

Minister of Finance, Atis Slakteris comenting on Latvian economic situation (interview to Bloomberg)

One says he was drunk, if that would be an excuse for somebody


6 thoughts on “Latvian politics

  1. This is terrible.. I couldn’t press myself to watch this till the end..

  2. Most likely due to SEC-POL this video is no longer available. However, one can still find it at

    Let me agree – I’m so ashamed that I can’t stand to watch this video till the end – RESIGN!!

  3. oh ma gowd :DD This is the highest level Latvian official and it seems that he has just finished secondary school, way to go šŸ˜€

  4. Hm…
    This is something what you may expect from interview with NBA basketball players after the match (always asking for a help from coaches).
    SAD, that this is not a basketball match. It’s a country…

  5. Full interview transcript in Latvian language (not less miserable) can be found at

  6. Well on the bright side – this makes me actually want to graduate. So I could get out of here. Inspiration for working harder.

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