Intelligence is relative

Have you heard that society is degrading? Would you agree?
No doubt, that nigga wannabies and Emo’s might be an evidence of that.
Cultural debates are not very popular in our society, but still deserve some attention.

Education is spreading around the world, unfortunately there becoming more people familiar with old good Keynes cross. The question is do education, money and intelligence come at the same moment?
Pay attention on Economist project “more intelligent life” dealing with less tangible thinks than options and bail outs.
Life. Culture. Style. Intelligent Life is food for the brain and a feast for the eyes.

I post a link to an article about the intelligence level world wide, something people are less thinking about, but the real reason is the comment by somebody called George.
Imagine this as an opposition speech, or as a rebuttal. Vivid, clear and gets you to the point.


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