Dormitory wannabe

Tonight at around 20:10 I happened to be in a region near Patversmes iela, so I decided to take a ride to the street where it is said that SSE Riga will have its dorms. I found the only four storey building with no lights at Patversmes 22 (Google helped assuring me that this is the right place).

First impressions – reasonably big and yellow house (documents suggest it has 2667m²). As there was some emergency light on, I was able to see that the first floor is renovated (there were those nice green exit signs). However, I was not able to see any room, just corridors..

The nearby surroundings; however, were rather dark and gloomy (if I was a blond girl wearing short dress I wouldn’t risk to go there..), I met only one person and three cars. Houses next to the dorms were semi occupied (based on the analysis of lights in windows). It seemed that opposite the street there was a school or something like that and another one almost next to the dorms. suggests that these might be Rīgas Sarkandaugavas sākumskola and Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs. Moreover, Patversmes street is parallel to Duntes street, so just near the dorms rather luxurious appartments are available at Duntes Ozoli as well as high end supermarket Sky & More.

For more feel about where these dorms are located and how to get there by car (it takes approx. 10-15 mins) take a look at the pictures below.

SSER - Dorms From SSER to Dorms (by car) From Dorms to SSER (by car)

Now some facts about the dorms and the street in general:

  1. It seems that the house was bought from state factory “Rikon” on 1999 by Leif Ingemar Muten (sound familiar, right?). Then on 2000 it was bought by SSER from Mr. Muten. Unfortunately I can’t find the price; however, it seems that it as been privatised for ~3K Ls (in year 2003). I guess it is not the price for which it was bought from the factory but the price that had to be paid to government later when the house was privatised. Documents discussing this issue can be found here, here and here (all in Latvian).
  2. In Insider (June, 2006) there is a small notice about future dorms that indicates that nothing much has changed during the last two years – The SSE Riga dormitories, located
    in Patversmes iela 22, are currently being reconstructed. The school is planning to have the 1st floor finished by September, 2006. The accommodation there is going to be offered only to 26 students
    who would live 2 or 3 per room. There will be 4-5 rooms in each sector, a kitchen with all commodities, and WC. In order to reduce maintenance costs there will be no guards sitting. The order
    will be controlled by video cameras. Students living there will use entrance cards to open special locks. However, the SSE Riga administration and Students Association is currently considering the
    price per person for the dorms and who will have a priority to move there.
  3. At the moment a flat on Patversmes street is sold for ~2000 EUR/m², so the value of the whole house could be ~5 334 000 EUR. Rent is ~6 EUR/m².
  4. LNT show “Tautas Balss” has recently conducted an experiment how fast can Patversmes street be cleaned from the snow. It seems that it takes 28 minutes. You can take a look at the full story (in Latvian).
  5. A lady (Ināra Kankare) who is living on Patversmes street has won 10 Ls from magazine Santa for solving a crossword puzzle.
  6. Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs just opposite the dorms is actually a hospital with 110 beds that has been allowed to have B category pollution (whatever that means) via burning staff.
  7. There are several ATMs in Patversmes 18 (DnBNord and SEB). Unfortunately there is no Swedbank ATM on Patversmes street..
  8. There has been one case of a lost person as well as one case of a lost cat..

That’s more or less it! This post is not meant to convey some kind of oppinion it is just mere announcement of various facts that surround SSE Riga Dormitory wannabe..


2 thoughts on “Dormitory wannabe

  1. You REALLY seem to have nothing to do! Unbelievable…

  2. Impressive… 🙂

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