Funny quotes from Vilnius Open 2008

While listening to different speaker at Vilnius Open 2008, I heard these rather weird and funny quotes:

  • If we would force all people to work for state after university, Bill Gates wouldn’t have established Microsoft
  • We’ll put condoms on these people
  • I’ll tell you later why actually you shouldn’t have sex
  • Young people are having accidental sex
  • Pills are more effective at promoting unsuccessful sex
  • Power, money and females makes one become a criminal

Moreover, term “social contract” in different variations was mentioned in 4 out of 7 debates I happened to judge 🙂


6 responses to “Funny quotes from Vilnius Open 2008

  1. And how did we do in this tournament in general?

  2. Got to semi-finals..

  3. “Some people have no legitimate pathways out of poverty.” (in the finals)

  4. I hope that you put an automatic win to all the teams that used ‘social contract’ in their speeches?


  5. sounds like it was lots of fun 🙂

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