Funny quotes from Vilnius Open 2008

While listening to different speaker at Vilnius Open 2008, I heard these rather weird and funny quotes:

  • If we would force all people to work for state after university, Bill Gates wouldn’t have established Microsoft
  • We’ll put condoms on these people
  • I’ll tell you later why actually you shouldn’t have sex
  • Young people are having accidental sex
  • Pills are more effective at promoting unsuccessful sex
  • Power, money and females makes one become a criminal

Moreover, term “social contract” in different variations was mentioned in 4 out of 7 debates I happened to judge 🙂


6 thoughts on “Funny quotes from Vilnius Open 2008

  1. And how did we do in this tournament in general?

  2. “Some people have no legitimate pathways out of poverty.” (in the finals)

  3. I hope that you put an automatic win to all the teams that used ‘social contract’ in their speeches?


  4. sounds like it was lots of fun 🙂

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