Sauna party is here

As we decided last session then Sauna Party will take place on 21st of October (next Tuesday).

More information will follow later; however, make sure you free the evening of 21st as well as whole day on 22nd and the morning of 23rd 🙂


7 thoughts on “Sauna party is here

  1. Will there be a naked drunk person wandering around? If not, we can ask someone 😉

  2. EJ, I think that KK is more than willing to fill in this position..

  3. Am I the only one who can’t get “EJ” and “KK”?

  4. Yesterday:
    M: ‘Why did you choose the nickname EJ?’
    E: ‘For no obvious reason’
    M: ‘Fair enough..’

  5. Is there really someone who wants KK in the sauna party?

  6. I guess i get both EJ and KK? But is EJ really important enough to necessitate the invitation of random naked men? Next year let’s make a sauna party in Finnish style!

  7. as i can see the sauna party was quite successful:

    “I have lost my car keys during the sauna party yesterday. Maybe someone has seen it? Thanks.”

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