USA presidential election and debates

As everyone knows (i hope), USA presidential elections will happen in less than a month.

As you also should know, following the tradition, they have several presidential debates happening during the campaign.

Yesterday (Tuesday) there was the second round of the Town Hall Debate, held in the Belmont University.

I would really advise every debater to watch it (at least a part). And not only to learn more about the candidates, but also to assess their speaking style, to compare different techniques, to see which one is more compelling to you. Before watching the video pls take a look at this article, which analyzes candidates’ speaking/behavior styles etc.

To see the full debate (highly recommended, because they even mention Latvia and Estonia!!!!) go to and search for “1 of 10 – Obama / McCain Presidential Town Hall Debate”. Then watch “2 of 10 -O….” and so on.

If you feel that you dont have time for 1 hour debate, categorized overview with short videos you can find here.

After getting more acquainted with the whole US election situation, you are highly encouraged to participate in a world-wide poll and really vote for one of them!. Then you will be able to see how people voted in other countries.

All this is very global and very crucial, thus each debater should keep herself updated with the US presidential elections.

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2 thoughts on “USA presidential election and debates

  1. It’s hard to evaluate the substance of these debates. Obama undeniably is a better public speaker, though. He’s just natural at doing this.

  2. and McCain looks/behaves as a penguin on the stage šŸ™‚

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