Stem cells – promising news

There always has been a heated debate on stem-cell research and the use of it. On one hand it could save lives by growing tissues; on the other, an embryo had to be killed (for stem cells extraction), what is a moral problem.

However, recent findings prove that stem cells can be extracted from testicles (use dictionaries here:) ), thus leaving the same benefit, just removing the moral issue.

This is a total-must-to-know, because you could easily win a debate with this knowledge (if this motion still is used, of which i kinda doubt 🙂 )

The main article can be found here.

For the ones who are not sure what the stem cell research stuff is about, some info here. (Wikipedia rules 😉

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5 thoughts on “Stem cells – promising news

  1. Heh, stem cells.. Me & Arvydas picked it as “our motion” for last year’s Cambridge (for those who don’t know – Cambridge is open-motion-tournament-only) and even without this fact (although it came already then, too) we were quite screwed by the Oxford team.. Never pick stem cells as your open motion 😀

  2. Our ingenious plan already suggested a nice way around moral issues of killing embryos – we wanted to use only those produced but unused during the process of in vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, the witty Oxford team managed to prove that actually experimentation itself can be so much worse (from moral perspective) than the killing.
    In general, the motion is way too technical to debate, and as a 1 Gov you need to spend a vast amount of time explaining your plan rather than concentrating on arguments. This is why we could never win a single debate on the motion that we chose ourselves. Bad choice. Good lesson.

  3. You both sound rather disappointed.. That’s called learning the hard way.
    I think sserdc teams have never been really strong in debating open motions..

  4. i wonder why 🙂 before Cambridge devote a week for open motions only – it would be a good chance for everyone to try it out/practice

  5. Practice can be one problem. Choice of motion anoother. Me and Kristina won our 1G round in Cambridge although we were late for that as we came back from lunch only a few minutes before the actual start of the round :p

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