Electronic cigarettes

Sales of electronic cigarettes – a recent invention making smoking less harmful, kick-off.

Check out how this technology works, how it is different from usual cigarettes, and how it avoids a legal ban and enables smoking indoors.

I can guarantee that sooner or later it will become a widely debated issue, so rather learn about it today!

Just check out this link and this one and you will get all the info with pictures and videos!

I’d say pretty cool stuff! 🙂 Maybe we should ask our co-CA’s to bring a piece from UK – just for trial 😉

Take care


4 thoughts on “Electronic cigarettes

  1. Awesome! Except for the possible health concerns (that still need to be researched) and, possibly, a higher cost for smoking an equivalent amount of tobacco, I don’t see a reason why these shouldn’t be made compulsory. Expect a rather technical debate ahead..

  2. “The World Health Organisation say they don’t think enough tests have been done on them and they’re worried using them could be bad for your health.
    But retailers argue they’re much safer than smoking tobacco.”

    Nothing is save to smoke! 🙂

  3. Definetely, let’s try this thing!

  4. They are available in Latvia, but the price is rather high.

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