After session email


Thanks everyone for having a rather high quality first session yesterday! Special thanks to those who dared to join us in after session event in Lidojosa varde.

We, the more experienced members of the club, really enjoyed it & we hope to see you all back! This time I actually mean all, not few 🙂

So the next session is on Monday at 1815 (sharp) in room 303!
See you & meanwhile have a good time,

p.s. if you feel you had to be on the email list, but you’re not there – please let me know..
p.p.s. we are looking for a person to organize SSE Riga tournament in early December. We have to find her quickly as the organizational tasks had to be started few weeks ago..


3 thoughts on “After session email

  1. What you could do about the competition is put together a convening team of a couple of y1/y2 people, led by a y2 debater who is commited full time, and overseen by Martins L and Arvydas who could coach the convening team and give them direction.

    It is absolutely instrumental that the IV team is led by someone who’s been to at least a couple of competitions (i.e. a debater, and at least a y2), as there are fairly specific things you need to know. Plus there are a few more jobs (e.g. tabbing) that only someone who’s been to a competition can do (and I think Aurimas B has been shadow tabbing last year, so he’s a perfect candidate).

    We just honestly cannot let the competition not to take place this year – it’s the longest running competition in CEE after all.

  2. Is there any possibility to maybe change the time of meetings on Thursdays? The problem is that I have Russian on every Thursday at 19.00, so I’m only able to attend sessions for 45 minutes.

  3. Oh, I forgot. Could you add me to the mailing list –

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