The new academic year has started!!

Hello from Mars!!

The summer is over (it’s raining cats & dogs now..) and the new debate season is here!! Start your engines!

Few things you have to now or do 🙂
1) The email list is cleaned up. Meaning that all people who didn’t respond to the last mail or are inactive members are off the list.. If you see that someone should be put back on it – let me know!
2) Our web page is the same old one ->
3) The first session (planning / information sharing session) is planned this Monday (25th of August)
4) Presentation to new Year1 (I already have spotted ~5 people who have tried debating earlier) shall happen on Thursday a week after, 4th of September (I am having some days off from 26th of August till 2nd of September)
5) You’re still the best!! 😉
See you on Monday,
p.s. Congrats to those colleagues who have entered SSE Riga this year!! Goo-oo-oo-ood joo-oo-b!!


3 thoughts on “The new academic year has started!!

  1. Yeah, congrats with the year 😉
    Although I will not be here, but I’ll try to stay close from HK.
    And, I’m going to mess up with this website a bit after some weeks, if nobody minds.

  2. Messing with this site would be wonderful!! 😛

  3. I see that you have also managed to register for Worlds. Nice:)

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