Vat a fak iz going on??

Has Western world lost its mind? How come that Russia is attacking Georgia but the whole world is sitting aside and watching what will happen? We know what will happen..

Similar situation occurred in 1940 when Soviet Union occupied Baltic States. You can read Wikipedia for more details and see that the Georgian situation is very similar to that one:

  • Careful preparation: Russia has performed military trainings near South Ossetia for a while now to make sure that quick invasion is possible. Secondly, Russia has given more than 50% of South Ossetia inhabitants Russian citizenship to be able to claim that Russia is only helping its citizens. Thirdly, at the moment European Union has vacation period hence all relevant and reasonable decisions can’t be made fast.
  • Ambiguous incident: Few days ago an occasional shooting started between Georgians and South Ossetia’s separatists (who are said to be supported by Russia) that led to Georgia’s military actions against separatists. These actions were followed by Russia’s involvement as they say they are peace keepers in South Ossetia region (even none has delegated them to be). Of course, after some time it will be really hard to decide how it all started and who has to take the blame.. Hence whatever will be the outcome (for example, annexing of Georgia) Russia will be able to say “Georgia started the conflict, we just got involved to save the innocent!”
  • Unwillingness of the rest to involve: At the moment nobody wants to involve in a military conflict with Russia (everyone can understand that taking into account previous experience of WWI and WWII). Moreover many don’t want to involve in any type of action (for instance, economic or political sanctions) as Western Europe is dependent on Russia’s resources, including gas and energy.

Who ever has started the conflict, we all (including Russia) have to acknowledge that Georgia is too small power to be able to end it (at the moment Georgia has signed ceasefire document and via Finish diplomats given it to Russia). Thus Russia has to take all steps possible to end the fighting. Such steps could include: stopping the bombing of Georgian soil, not moving further into Georgian territory, settling ceasefire agreement with Georgia.

Time has changed but we all understand that Russia’s ambitions have stayed the same.. šŸ˜¦ We, the rest of the world, have to understand that children should be instructed as early as possible because later on it is way harder to teach keeping their hands away from the cookie jar – if the World does not stop the conflict in Georgia then it will be almost impossible to stop any other conflict in which Russia could involve!


1 thought on “Vat a fak iz going on??

  1. Plus, Georgia is not yet a part of NATO (and will remain in this state for some long bit of time), so other countries are not obliged to help. Moreover, Georgia and neighbouring countries could provide a route for resources from Kazakzstan and other ‘stans that would not involve Russia. This was a good time to show who’s the daddy.

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