Registration for Cork Worlds 2009

An hour ago Dmitrijs ensured that we have 2 teams + 1 judge on the waiting list for Cork Worlds 2009…

On one hand it may mean that we just have to pay on 1st of September to be represented in Worlds; on the other – that we are actually on the waiting list & should hope to get at least one team in..

This ambiguity kills me 😦


4 thoughts on “Registration for Cork Worlds 2009

  1. To be honest I tilt to the side that says that we are ACTUALLY on the waiting list..
    Meaning that we might not even get in 😦

  2. Exactly. It was impossible to figure that mail out. Let’s just hope we get in..

  3. So you were slow?

  4. It seems that we have hacked their system & now we are definately in!!! 😀

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