Quotes from yesterday’s debate

Here is a little task for the 1st of April – match the quotes with people who did actually say it. Here is the list of people (number of total quotes is shown in the brackets):

  • Ervinas (4)
  • Dmitrijs (3)
  • Baiba (1)
  • Zane (1)
  • Elina (4)
  • Liva (1)
  • Kaspars (1)
  • Kriss (2)

So here are the quotes:

  1. you can’t just kill animals to the left, to the right
  2. you have to own your animals
  3. how could the fact that you kick your dog influence something like global warming
  4. you can’t be cruel towards animals if you are handicapped
  5. person can kick someone if he is higher, smarter and stronger
  6. according to Darwinism, if you are stronger you can do whatever you want towards the weaker ones
  7. why can’t people kick trees as they are alive too (“Oh my God, they feel pain!”)
  8. we want the man to stay superior
  9. you were also talking that animals have feelings as well… and that moves me
  10. I could kill you, but I am not allowed regardless that you are not my slave
  11. still millions of people are dying
  12. we have animal to take care of him & have fun with him
  13. they are killed softly
  14. if you don’t like a plant, you just blow it
  15. you can do some rats, but what can rats do?
  16. we don’t trial handicapped people for murder or other crime but will for irrational attitude towards animals
  17. debaters were discussing physical values

    Task is not the easy one, but let’s see how we do! 😉


    2 thoughts on “Quotes from yesterday’s debate

    1. I think I know quite a few of those and I even know which one is mine 😀
      Blowing plants quote is my fave though.

    2. Serious stuff, fun and serious ;]

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