Boycotting Olympics in China

While listening to a debate about cruelty towards animals and writing down few quotes , I put together flow contributed by Justas (who flowed using a weird text software):


  • Problem: poor Tibet, it is suppressed by China
  • ARG 11: Olympic essence
    • It should be fair games but now it is not
    • Unite people (no war at that time)
    • Korea’s managed to unite even for some time
  • ARG 12: Sportsman satisfaction
    • Many sportsman already demonstrated their dissatisfaction
    • Medal would not be important for them
    • Bad reputation already


  • NARG 11: Purpose of Olympics
    • Something other 🙂
  • NARG 12: Boycott is not efficient
    • Better use economic sanctions etc – it is way better
    • Everyone already knows that China is bad, so more tough actions are needed to change situation, boycott is not enough
    • USA boycott Olympics n years ago but that did not help Russia
  • NARG 3: Politicization of Olympics
    • It is an arena for political fights
    • It is …


  • ARG 21: Would boycott really help?
    • It is necessary, otherwise China would not know that it is doing wrong
    • Party
  • ARG 22: Sportsman suffer
    • Maybe so in the short-run
    • But if no boycott, then we would have Olympics in Iran.. SO WHAT?
  • ARG 23: Boycott as a tool
    • It is one of the tools
  • ARG 24: Politicization:
    • It is necessary that it would be right etc
  • ARG 25: Bad excuse for future oppressing countries
    • Iran will say that none boycotted China, so how can you boycott us?
  • ARG 26: Historical example:
    • WW2 was caused by not boycotting Berlin Olympics 🙂


  • NARG 21: Historical example
    • Bad example because no Olympics during WW2
    • 2. PoI: Olympics is different, because there are many sports in one place 😀
  • NARG 22: Nature of sports (Olympics)
    • Peace is most important for Olympics 🙂
    • SO need to have Olympics to maintain peace
    • Sportsman:
      • Olympics is like award to good sportsman, not only good performance
      • + SO, first you will harm sporsman, but not China


  • ARG 31: National identity is so much important
  • ARG 32: Why Boycott is the best tool?!
    • There is a difference between internal and external effect
    • Inside: Chinese will see that there simply are no Olympics 🙂
    • + They have no normal media
    • No-Olympics will encourage opposition
    • Good 🙂
  • ARG 33: Social contract
    • Other countries are also involved
    • China wants eco growth etc
    • Other countries want fair stuff:
    • + Since there is no fairness, we (other countries) can break their part of social contract -> not allow Olympics


  • Why to pick stupid example from first half?
  • NARG 31: Will there be any change?
    • No, because the cost of letting Tibet free is going to encourage other parts of China also to claim their independence
    • Internal pressure <…> ?
  • NARG 32: Contract
    • Be be be me me me
  • NARG 33: What Olympics mean for China?
    • It is very important, because during Ol, China opens for foreigners
    • Learn a lot, get practice, improve economics
    • Transparency increase (doesn’t go like in Korea)
    • + Huge future development


  • ARG 41: What Olympics mean for China?
    • Openness is going to come anyway
  • ARG 42: Meaning of Olympics
    • Very important for the world
    • Flag, torch, freedom bla bla
  • ARG 43: Benefits for China
    • It is not fair, that China uses Ol to attract money, and they at the same time abuse people, just build cities etc
  • ARG 44: Meaning of boycott
    • By not boycotting we agree with China’s policies etc
  • ARG 45: The contract
    • China already showed that they do not care about their contract side
    • SO, fuck the contract
    • + Otherwise one sided unfair contract where China wins by abusing


  • NARG 41: Would the plan help Tibet?
    • China already proved that it does not give a fuck about international pressure so it will not react to boycott as it is expected
    • Costs for China (of letting Tibet free) are so high, that they will not even consider it
    • Would transparency change anything?
    • + Olympics (media) will ‘force’ to
  • NARG 42: How will it effect Ol and symbol of peace?
    • It is so important for countries
    • We definitely have to allow all to come
    • + ‘no matter what is the political situation in you country you are still invited to participate’
    • Peace is the essence of the life!

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