Participating in BA tournament

As far as I have understood from your comments following people are willing to participate:

  • Debaters:
    • Baiba Dzelme & Vitalijs Jascisens
  • Judges:
    • Dmitrijs Starikovs
    • Eriks Rengitis
    • Ervinas Skikunas
    • Martins Vaivars
    • Martin Kuusmaa
    • Martins Liberts

Please do confirm!

P.S. Baiba & Vitalijs – please talk to each other & make sure that you do understand the fact about the participation 🙂


7 thoughts on “Participating in BA tournament

  1. I discovered that we have missed the application deadline.. I’ll see if we can still participate 😦

  2. yeah, I confirm:)…though I don’t know whether they will allow me to judge from our debate clubs or from exellence`s debate club:D

  3. im not in the list, but me signed up manualy 😛

  4. I’m not 100% sure yet

  5. After reading all the comments about the previous tournament, I’ll definetely confirm 😀

  6. ervinas in BA? are u excellent in latvian (excellent is the key word) 🙂

  7. Come on, we trust Ervinas! His Latvian is superb..

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