Kyiv Spring 2008

There is another great tournament that you should know about. As the title says, it takes place in Kyiv (Kiev) on May 2-4. Kiev is a very nice city and travel there rather interesting. The tournament is not of very high level, so everyone is welcome to participate and achieve good results. Check for further details and our club’s results in previous years (e.g. three teams in final in 2005). They have a premium CA this year – Derek Lande, who is the CA also for the next Worlds.

As for how to get there. As usual, many options. AirBaltic would cost about Ls 150 and you would have to fly there one day earlier (1.05) and return one day later (5.05). There are buses, but they take about a day and cost Ls 50 (+Belarus transit visa=10LVL/15EUR). Finally, there are trains. Cost should be around Ls 60 (+Belarus transit visa=10LVL/15EUR). EU citizens don’t need a visa for Ukraine. May 1st is a holiday.

 What do you need to do? Think, whether you are interested in having a great trip and participating in a cool tournament (and possibly visiting two cities where you haven’t been before but that are yet so close). If you are, think who could be your teammate. And let me know.

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I am also willing to help with travel arrangements and visa applications.


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