BA: Latvian tournament

Here is a tournament in Banku Augstskola – BA School of Finance and Administration / Excellence 🙂 Tournament takes place on 29th of March in Riga (Kr.Valdemara & Skanstes corner).

If you want to sign-up as a debater or judge, let me know!


17 thoughts on “BA: Latvian tournament

  1. I can go as a judge, though it would be awkward to give comments in mixed english-latvian language 😀

  2. I can also probably judge. Add me on the list.

  3. Is it a one-day tournament (last year I expected to leave home for 12 hrs or so and ended with 36)? Will there be sauna? Will there be blondes from Jurmala? Will we get to sleep in dorms? Will Liberts be drunk? There are so many questions that would need answers before I can say anything.

  4. Will Margus and Paulius try to throw Priit into the pool again? Will there be almost-naked Janis Nebars? Will there be good motions? Have Latvians improved their level from previous year? How many rooms/teams will there be? Will there be free food as last year?

  5. Will Eriks piss Lithuanians off wih Udras-Udras? Will there be philosophers trying to understand why philosophy is not taught in SSE? Will I be tried and my Latvian understanding abilities not believed? Will there be a show debate with Yuri’s fetish motion?

  6. Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…

  7. Regarding all the pervert questions – you know that Latvians are still kinky enough 🙂

    Regarding the level of debating – top rooms have improved, some of them use philosophical terms and approaches 🙂

    Regarding your language skills – everyone still loves you, plus we will have Ervinas about whom everyone will definitely be more suspicious 🙂

    Regarding bizarre show debate – it’s more or less up to us, so let’s do it!! 😉

  8. I read comments by Kuusmaa and realised that last year’s tournament was quit fun:P…and no Martin Udras Udras is so yesterday:D

  9. can anyone remind me what was my fetish motion?

  10. THW mandate condoms in porn.

  11. Well, Eriks, I think that the best moments were Paulius and Margus throwing Priit into the pool, drawing on Liberts, Liberts looking for toilet/fridge and free fod on the second day. Everything else was more or less regular.

  12. That’s some good PR… Expect a Massive influx of people applying to judge after these comments…
    P.S. I hope that I misinterpreted ‘Liberts looking for toilet/fridge’..

  13. I kind remember that I wanted to go to the toilet, but opened fridge OR is my memory playing jokes on me?

  14. Actually, Martin, your hairdo was the star of he show on the 2nd day. Will never forget it. It was a rather hilarious tournament.

  15. You wanted to go to toilet but TRIED to go to the fridge 😛 Your memory is almost OK!

    And who is Belgian?

  16. IMPORTANT: Vitalijs is willing to participate in the tournament; however, he has no partner at the moment as Juris is not able to attend. We would ideally need to have a team there to represent our club in the Latvian debating community!

    Anyone who wants to participate with Vitalijs?

  17. I would like to debate with Vitalijs if there is still a person needed!

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