THBT Taiwan should declare independence

I am glad that most of the people were prepared for tonight’s session – this is exactly what prepared motions are all about 🙂

Tonight we debated on the motion “THBT Taiwan should declare independence”. It was rather exciting!

  • Why people / country needs independent country?
    • National sovereignty
    • International recognition (including WTO etc.)
    • Individual decisions that benefit Taiwan only (not China)
    • China is locked in, Taiwan – opened towards rest of the world
    • China has communistic regime, Taiwan more democratic one
  • Why & When can a part of a country be torn off the rest of the country?
    • Historical roots
    • China’s annexation
    • Culture, national division etc.
    • Serbia & Kosova
  • Is it worth for Taiwan to declare the independence? (cost / benefit analysis)
    • Possible economic loss / gain
    • Possible reaction of China / US opposite reaction
    • Possible military conflict by China
  • What are the international laws about international conflicts?
    • Can China attack Taiwan (Taiwan’s declaration of independence is a threat to China’s sovereignty)
    • Can / will other countries support & help Taiwan
    • Can UN Security Council pass a resolution (won’t it be similar to Russia / Chechnya case)

2 thoughts on “THBT Taiwan should declare independence

  1. Taiwan’s links to China are minimal at best as it was only briefly a part of China under the Manchu Qing dynasty. Even then the Qing dynasty only established effective soveriegnty over the whole of Taiwan for 10 to 15 years.

  2. Hi i am in bangkok.. studying in Mahidol university. i debated this motion today.. people think that this is the best time for taiwan to declare its independence because will then not wanna lose the Olympics.. cool motion

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