Sharia: information on Islamic Law

Firstly, thanks to Martins for putting together such a marvelous presentation for our first knowledge session. Let me remind you that it was about Sharia: the Islamic Law. You can find the presentation “Sharia: Islamic Law” attached (I allowed myself to change the design) as well as a list of links where to get additional information:

Main conclusions or ideas that were presented (I hope that I have not messed up any, plus remember that altogether we are not the best experts of Islam and Islamic culture):

  • Endless bliss vs. Everlasting grief: Muslims want to get the first and it can be done by following Sharia;
  • Sharia is formed from Qur’an and Sunnah (life of prophets). Sunni also believe that it is compounded of two derived sources (figh) – scholarly consensus (Ijma) & analogical reasoning (qiyas); Shia don’t perceive it this way, they believe their prophets are still alive (their leaders) so everything they say is a part of Sunnah;
  • Muslims have 5 possible actions (obligatory, meritorious, permissible, reprehensible, forbidden) that makes it harder to draw the line, decide on the proper way of action / punishment (if any);
  • Sharia is structured as ritual worship, morals & manners, beliefs, transactions & contracts, punishments – more ambiguous than Western laws;
  • Intentions & deterrence: only those are punished who had bad intentions, only those are praised who had good intentions. The guilty person prevents himself of endless bliss, so we should deter other people;
  • No free speech is allowed, whole Sharia is to be viewed as a dogmatic doctrine;
  • Gender inequality actually is not suggested in Qur’an, but rather was applied during middle times.

3 thoughts on “Sharia: information on Islamic Law

  1. I thought that the design / style of the presentation attached could be the one we use within our debate club (including the next presenters in knowledge session).

    What do you think about that? šŸ˜‰

  2. W’sup. It’s ‘Sunni’, not ‘Sunnah’, who don’t believe fiqh!

  3. P.S. I agree with Martin(s) ’bout the layout..

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