Debaters participating in the next three tournaments

The moment many of you were looking forward is here – we will announce debaters (and judges) going to next three tournaments: London School of Economics (by plane), Manchester (by plane) and Tilbury House (by minivan).

If anyone has any objections about the selection, please let me know as soon as possible. Martin can (and, hopefully, will) advise on the way you shall buy necessary tickets.

London School of Economics (Feb 23-24):

  • Baiba Dzelme & Ignas Vaitkunskas
  • Kristina Saudargaite (Kiku) & Martin Kuusmaa
  • Mante Kundrotaite & Dmitrijs Starikovs
  • Jurij Romanenkov (adjudicator)
  • Paulius Ramanauskas (adjudicator)

Manchester (Feb 29-Mar 2):

  • Kristina Kiku Saudargaite & Martins Vaivars

Tilbury House (Mar 14-15):

  • Mante Kundrotaite & Arvydas Ziobakas
  • Aurimas Racas & Justas Grigalauskas
  • Karolis Jasinskas & Kristaps Silins
  • Baiba Dzelme (adjudicator)
  • Martin Kuusmaa (adjudicator)

Best of success to people representing SSE Riga & LMT Debate Club in above mentioned competitions – we will keep our fingers crossed!!


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