End of year 2007

Last Thursday we had last session of year 2007. To be honest, it wasn’t really a session, instead we had some fun in Piranija place. Some of us discovered the beauty of the board game called “LifeBoats” – game based on debate and negotiations! 🙂

As this debating year has ended let me wish two things:

  • Let’s keep fingers crossed for Kristina & Martin in Thailand Worlds – bring back success for our debate club!
  • Let Christmas for all of you be snowy and white, plus have a lot of debating success in New year 2008!

On a negative note; however, there is something I want to tell to all of you! 😦

I felt rather sad & disappointed when just a few people (more precisely 5!) showed up on the session last Thursday. I mean each member of the debate club must feel responsibility for devoting herself to the club. If you don’t do it, why should I come twice a week, risk my work and personal life?

It’s not that we just come together & debate.. Debate club is more than that – it is a place were people discuss important issues, spend their free time, have some of their friends. You have to be able to fully devote yourself to the club, only then can a club give you something back..

I would be glad if you reconsidered your priorities and made a decision how important debate club is for you:

  • (Priority A) Almost anything can happen but you will still attend debate club related events;
  • (Priority B) There are just few things more important the debate club, I am still mostly available for the club;
  • (Priority C) There are many things that are more important than debate club, I would only attend debate club related events if I had nothing more interesting to do.

4 thoughts on “End of year 2007

  1. Yap, Merry Christmas and happy, happy New Year to all the debaters!

  2. Merry Christmas from Cambodia 🙂

  3. Season’s greetings 😉

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