SSE Riga SA Presidental debate

Today few members of our debate club participated in a presidential debate to test two SA presidential couples who managed to go through to the 2nd round of elections.

There were two debates:

  1. Henrijs & Marten versus Justas & Aurima on adding extra people to and
  2. Miks & Martins versus Martin & Martins on creating interactive web page where students could engage with SA and Administration

I believe that both of debates were of a reasonable quality and I hope that they helped to make up the mind for those who were indifferent. We, as the debate club, would really appreciate any comments on this!

By the way, do you know why is called (not as it was called some five years ago)? If you do, let us know (maybe you will get a prize!). If not then stay tuned as we might discover it for you!


3 thoughts on “SSE Riga SA Presidental debate

  1. At first Arvydas mixes me with Justas, now I become Aurima. Unlucky day, I would say 🙂

    As for – I believe
    a) it’s more about business than finance
    b) the association with Financial Economics was too strong

  2. No, was plundered when no person was elected in 2002 (when I was in Y1). Later SA made a small scale elections and made him

    It seems that if there is no person elected for a particular committee, SA is not allowed to reelect the person till the next year – the only option is to create a new committee.. 😛

  3. The second point is not exactly true I suppose. In my year, there was no elected, so they just appointed one. I wonder how would they have called the new committee if they had to set up one..

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