Birthday of My Country

I completely forgot to congratulate everyone on the occasion that Latvia is having a birthday today! 89 years ago in the premises of the current Latvian National Theater many males and few females came together and founded a country that we currently recognize as the Republic of Latvia.

There was a military parade near river Daugava earlier today where around 700 people from different military structures participated. To be honest I felt that all our military resources were shown in the parade – 4 choppers, 1 plane, few jeeps, few boats, some artillery, many soldiers with guns and two with dogs.. Still I was proud that we had at least 4 choppers, plus I know that we have a submarine somewhere 😛

The last good thing that happened today – GoldenStates Warriors (where Andris Biedrins is playing) won an away game against Toronto Raptors! Andris managed to score 15 points and to get 14 rebounds.

Happy Birthday, Latvia!! We all love you!!


1 thought on “Birthday of My Country

  1. There were also some warships on Daugava – some 5 or so… and a passenger ship in the port that was larger than all the Latvian navy combined, an Estonian ship btw 🙂

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